It’s me. It’s not them. I am causing the connections or the lack of connections.

What shakes me sometimes is my insecurity. But when situations with other people happen while I am in that state – I question them. Do you find that familiar?

Very often we look for an external person to blame for the lack of our stories, success, results. For such moments, I created a practice. Because this is the perfect time for bringing us back to ourselves.

Step 1: I stop whatever I am doing and breathe.

Step 2: Distract – I go for fresh air, walk in the park, shopping, read a magazine, watch a movie, listen to some good music, watch exhibition. After half an hour I already feel softened. The resentment is no longer there. I am grounded.

Step 3: Check – the reason I felt overwhelmed and stressed out could be because I’ve neglected myself . Ask: Where I missed to do something? Maybe I haven’t rest recently or I haven’t fulfilled my needs for variety and love? I have to work on that before I move back to the subject.

Once I reestablish that connection with myself, I am ready to take decisions again.

Recover and then repair and try to rearrange the outer world.


Julia Atanasova

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