Plans for no plans

My dear and beautiful sales women,

I am always willing to do things a little differently.

But there were times, when I was feeling lost. Lost in my idea and desire to be able to see the map – the road map for life and someone to tell me what to do.

We all learned very well that we have to  have a plan.

But as important as the plan is to open our eyes for the unexpected things, to capture the moment as it is. If we always plan and keep ourselves busy how we are going to open the space for the magic into our lives.

And one day the answer came – Yes , there was no map, only pressure of the illusion for it. That knowledge took me from the spectator’s seat and put me right into the driver’s one – this is where creation starts – my own stage.

Sometimes we really need to ignore the rules and do exactly the opposite of what all the other „experts“ are telling us to do.

Just to leave the ego at the door and start acting from our center – from inside out with the belief that what we are doing makes a difference for the world – every day!


Julia Atanasova


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