About music, dmxco, gratefulness and a woman in the city in just one week

My dear saleswomen,

It was extraordinary week!

Started with the concert ‘Music Under The Stars’, part of Fortissimo Fest.  We listened to inspiring Bulgarian classical music and music from Bulgarian movies, performed by Bulgarian philharmonie. Music is energy. If you need inspiration go to a concert, I really mean it.

Last week I was also happy to visit one of the largest technology exhibitions in Cologne – DMEXCO. The main focus during were innovations for marketing, communications and digital. It is a men’s world out there in tech industry, but still there are lot of ladies like me joining that professional field. And because women’s leadership matters, there was a special panel dedicated entirely to female leadership.

Guess which was my favorite spot? The ladies lounge, of course – we could charge our phones, refresh, nourish, take pictures and get in touch with each other, exchange and create business contacts. Women we do have a lot of common issues when we speak about business. That is why to share and support is so important for all of us. That motivation was one of the reasons for me to create Judway – The World Of Saleswoman and I am so grateful having you all here with me, lovely ladies!

And speaking of gratefulness – how we can express it more often and be better givers in this life. That is the topic I am working on in the blog for next week.

I got inspired from 17 September – the official holiday of my city of Sofia, St. Sophia and her daughters Faith, Hope and Love.  I saw a wonderful opportunity in that day for all of us to remind and reconnect with who we are and why we are here, to share our vision for better world and life and to contribute for making it more beautiful, rich, clean and bright.


Now it’s time for my #metime and the September issue of Vogue 🙂


I see you next week.


Julia Atanasova

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