The lessons coming from being in business are endless. I am constantly learning.

And here is a list with some of the Important ones:

1) You can’t please everyone. You can’t help everyone. And that is perfectly okay.

2) it’s never too late to make changes in the last moment. Even if I’ve announced a launch plan… it’s okay to leave it to rest if it is not ready yet, If I don’t feel ready yet. It doesn’t mean I’ve failed. It is OK to change my mind, to be open for new experiences. To trust my feelings.

3) Work in alignment with yourself. Your energy is a resource just like time, money, and should be carefully considered when looking at what you can give to your business. That is the reason I speak about nourishment so consistently. Feed your soul so your life could be successful. And from that place comes the next one:

4) One of my biggest challenges. Sometimes I put 100% of my attention into what I am inspired and working on.  It took me time to learn how to love my work while staying connected to other parts of my life.

I started to create macro and micro lists – macro for the big ideas and micro for the day – with the small steps – it helped me to find that space for other engagements in my life. It became like a ritual. As I make this space for myself, I am able to see how that space nourishes and energizes my work, and I find my rhythm in the cycle of rest and creation.



Julia Atanasova

Accessories: ArchAngel by Konstantina Kostova


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