Feminine energy

My dear saleswomen,

Today I want to focus your attention to our feminine energy. Being salesperson expects from all of us to put a lot of masculine vibrations in our daily lives. And all we need is a little shift every day after work. Like a daily ritual. By that I mean: take your half hour metime – for a shower, music that relaxes you, cup of tea, close your eyes and breathe…

the present moment is all you really have,

no matter how many tasks you rotate in your mind.

just breathe and let that thoughts go…

Stay present, be here and now.

The real power is in our feminine energy. To negotiate, to plan, to act, to manage, to lead .. – is masculine.

That is why we feel in many moments like we are burning out. When you notice such feelings and emotions, use that sign to remind yourself who you are, to trust your inner  lady that is screaming at you to slow down , because everything is going to be OK even without taking control of everything.

Love, Julia Atanasova

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