Disconnect for success

Dear saleswomen,

Todays tip is for success through disconnect.

Nowadays with internet very often we feel like we need to be connected to everything 24/7.

But we need to disconnect, to sleep, to rest, to separate from the outer noise too.

This means to understand when enough is enough, to set your own concept for success and follow it, because if not on the other side is where burning out is waiting for us. That separation creates us the space and time to feel proud of what we achieved and to enjoy our lives. Don’t try to do things under any price. Pushing hard is not the answer as we will always have new desires after we reach the target….

Yes, sometimes too many ideas, not enough time…. But getting inspired is getting back to basics.

‘Be slow to fall into friendship; but when thou art in, continue firm and constant.’ Socrates.


Julia Atanasova

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