Judway – Embrace Joy


Hey, I’m Julia.
I started the blog Judway.eu as an experiment in 2014 documenting my journey on the search for joy, happiness, balance and inner wisdom. It is my platform for motivation, nourishment and relaxation.
Judway Joy is its natural extension – for embracing joy – in life , business, relations…
Short stories and beautiful pics.
Happy to share with you.
If you need motivation embrace joy in your life, it feeds the muse… and heart!

So, let’s get started.

Grateful to share with you today several of my  favorite activities – to know me better and what inspires my days.

 My morining coffee time is ritual

I love flowers

I live with crystals everywhere around me

I love to wear hearts 

I am in love in Greek islands and island life 

Sunday walk in the empty city is one of my favorites

Julia Atanasova, XOXO


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