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Hey, I’m Julia.

Media and marketing expert, founder of Judway motivational blog. I’m in sales, marketing and advertising for the past more than 16 years.

Currently, I manage the Bulgarian branch of one of the leading global programmatic companies.

I was searching for a hobby for long because I believe that in life you should do what you love. Only then dreams will come true. After many attempts, I stumbled upon an idea to create a personal blog.

So, I jumped on the other side- as creator, mentor and writer. My mission is to inspire people with finding their inner wisdom and happiness.

Judway started as an experiment in 2014 documenting my journey on the search for joy, happiness, balance and wisdom. Now, I’m helping people in my home country make a difference in their personal and professional lives.


What is it to be a modern and working woman?

I am excited to share with you, my brand-new blog section in Judway – Woman Vibe in English. Yes, during my career I grew in business, but never stopped learning as a sales person. I was there – selling every day and training lots of sales people.

I know how you feel like a salesperson because I’ve been there. Selling is tough, both for physical and digital goods.

The secret is to make work and life  fulfilling experiences.

That is why I am so excited to share with you here my motivational diary.

Thank you for following my journey and being with me – I believe that the world we live in we all sell every day. Why not do it with more motivation and success?

So, let’s go back again to the question – what it is to be a working, business woman?

Yes, it can be tough sometimes, but it can also be inspiring and self-fulfilling.

Why? You will ask probably how such a stressful job can be motivational.

And yes, you might think that I am crazy to feel like that, but that is the truth. I love my job because I:

– Get to meet lots of people every day

– Discover how business works

– Make things happen

I need to be motivated to be a good proffessional (as salesperson). That is why I work a lot on myself. I feed my mind regularly. I take care of my body and health. I find time for my hobbies and the people I love.

The constant pressure of finding new businesses & clients is a story I left in my past.

No matter that there are always difficult clients to deal with, many years ago during my transformational life-stage, I chose to focus on a positive attitude in solving problems for the people I help.

So, let’s get started.

Grateful to share with you today several of my  favorite activities – to know me better and what inspires my days.

 My morining coffee time is ritual

I love flowers

I live with crystals everywhere around me

I love to wear hearts 

I am in love in Greek islands and island life 

Sunday walk in the empty city is one of my favorites

Julia Atanasova, XOXO

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